About Radka Alexova

Radka Alexova is of the generation of folk singers, raised in the natural environment of rural life in Bulgaria, when weekdays and holidays invariably resounded with folk music. Growing up in the village of Studena, her talent emerged and developed gradually as she emulated the original singing of the performers from Graovo – a portion of the Shoppe folklore region around Sofia – whom she listened to day after day.  Radka Alexova is the acknowledged “gold standard” in Graovo-style singing, typical of the regions of Pernik, Radomir, Breznik. The famed singer is a master of what are known as “matchmaking” songs – songs that are peculiar to Graovo. As a member of Mystery of Bulgarian Voices choir for 48 years, as well as a soloist and in tandem with her husband and life-long collaborator Boyan Nankov, Radka has performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls in the world. She is well known for recoring the songs “Bride with no kin” and “Yana’s mountain burning” on Marcel Cellier’s Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Grammy-winning albums. * Based on BNR presentation about Radka Alexova. Read/hear the full interview and Radka’s singing here