About Silvia Dimitrova

Silvia Dimitrova was born in Varna and raised in the village of Asparuhovo. Her mother was active in the local folklore group, where Silvia began attending singing sessions from a very young age. In 1995 she was admitted to the Philip Koutev School for Music in Kotel, where she specialized in folk singing. She went on to continue her musical education at the Music Academy in Plovdiv, where she earned her Masters Degree. After her schooling, she relocated to Sofia. In 2003, she joined the choir “The Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria”, directed by Maestra Vanya Moneva. Since 2006, she has worked as a host and musical producer for SKAT TV. She has released the three-part series of recordings “Songs from the Village of Chenge”, featuring arrangements by Hristofor Radanov and Kostadin Genchev, for Bulgarian National Radio, and has also recorded songs with the Tsvetnitsa Orchestra.