About Svetla Stanilova

Doctor of Musicology and Music Arts, Svetla Stanilova is one of Bulgaria’s most highly esteemed professors of Folk Instruments and Singing as well as choir conductors. Stanilova has dedicated the majority of her career to teaching at the Plovdiv Academy of Music, where she has been on the faculty for over 40 years since 1980. During her time at the Academy Stanilova has taught hundreds of gifted Bulgarian singers, many of whom perform in the leading ensembles in the country today. Svetla has been the vocal coach to dozens of international students as well, who have come from countries as diverse as the USA, New Zealand, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden and others in the last 20 years. Stanilova has served as the Dean of the Department of Music Folklore and Choreography at the Plovdiv Academy of Music, as well as the Academic Choir’s vocal coach and conductor for 15 years. She has conducted numerous other vocal ensembles, including the choir of the State Folk Ensemble “Thrace” and her own Phillipopoly Chamber Choir. Stanilova has numerous publications, including the textbook Methodology of Folk Singing Education as well as 4 songbooks. Her recordings as a singer and as choir conductor are featured on Bulgarian National Radio and a number of albums, including Ayshinka, with the songs of Ivan Spassov, and on 3 CDs named Masters of Bulgarian Folklore. Stanilova is a sought after guest lecturer and is recognized with numerous awards nationally and internationally.