About Nely Andreeva

World renowned vocalist, teacher extraordinaire and one of Bulgarian Maser Singers Series beloved and most sought-after instructors. Traditional Bulgarian singer Nely Andreeva grew up in the resort of Narechen in the majestic Rhodope Mountains. There she learned her first folk songs from her grandmother and mother. Nely graduated from the music school for folk instruments and singing in the village of Shiroka Luka in 1995. Andreeva is renowned for her stirring interpretations of her native Rhodope region. She is a soloist as well as choirmaster of the Philip Koutev Folklore Ensemble, and has also been artistic director of the Nusha vocal ensemble. Followers of Bulgarian folk music invariably associate her name with the songs “Malka moma” and “Kozhilyo,” as well as many others which have brought her worldwide recognition.