Violeta Marinova – Pazardzhik Subregion Specifics & Ornamentation


Violeta Marinova – soloist of Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Choir – Pazardzhik Subregion Specifics & Ornamentation

A rare class delving into the intricacies of folk songs from the Pazardzhik subregion in Bulgaria. Master singer Violeta Marinova will discuss the specifics of ornamentation in the subregion as compared to the neighboring Thrace and Shope regions, both of which have influenced the local style. Among other details, Marinova will showcase the differences between two similar and often confused by singers ornaments – the typical Shope shake (тресене/tresene) and that from the Pazardzhik area. Violeta will teach the rubato song Zvezda Preletya, Neno, which she learned from her grandmother, featuring the characteristic Pazardzhik style shake (тресене).

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