«Phenomenal acrobatic vocalizations of every last voice, song, snort, and alarm bell» – The Boston Globe

«Bulgarian Musical Ambassadress»
– JazzFM, Bulgaria

«One of the most exciting voices
in the New York global music scene
is Vlada Tomova»
– World Music Central

«.. sensual swing and emotional intensity
.. her delicate moans and descant runs will remind many of Flora Purim.. Tomova’s 21st-century take on her ancestors’ form of expression to life»
– The Village Voice

«.. Bulgarian vocal sorceress ..»
NY Mosaico

«.. her entrancing voice
is front and center .. speaks directly
to the pleasure principle»
– Time Out NY

«Bulgarian jazz sensation Vlada Tomova» – Chicago Business

«.. voz espectacular ..»
– Juventud Rebelde, Cuba


Bulgarian vocal sorceress brings modern soul to the Balkan diaspora.

“One of Bulgaria’s most exciting contemporary voices and a rising world music star in the USA, Vlada Tomova leads an ensemble of the world’s top instrumentalists on both sides of the Atlantic.“ Vlada’s Balkan Tales offers a refreshingly different take on Bulgarian folk songs, infusing traditions from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East into a contemporary acoustic sound, while illuminating the connection between traditions…(read more)